Silvester Clark are excited to see the Tyndall Rise Townhouse development well progressed and approaching completion. This development is located on a large site, surrounded by beautiful bush and consists of 23 contemporary styled 2 and 3 bedroom spacious Townhouses.

The townhouses are 2 and 3 story units that primarily consist of traditional timber construction with the inclusion of some steel portal frames to assist with bracing and also provide the large open spaces.

Due to the sloping nature of the site, stepping retaining walls were adopted as part of the foundation system. Also, with the contour of the site there has been a retaining wall constructed behind the south block of townhouses 1-9, and further retaining walls to a lesser extent that wrap around the end of this block towards the north block. The land around the site is supported with a spray and anchor wall.

Silvester Clark are proud to be working with Riviera Group to deliver this new development.