This building is going to house the 18 new helicopters for the air force. It will also have maintenance and office space.

Silvester Clark teamed up with Ebert Construction to provide an alternative design for the structure of the building. This alternative saved the client around $5 million in build cost.

Silvester Clark was able to spread loads throughout the structure and eliminate all piles, and have strip and pad foundations. Silvester Clark also analysed the roof steel as continuous and was able to delete approximately half the steelwork on the project.

The hangers are approximately 8,000 square metres and other areas add approximately another 5,000 square metres.

The frames around the hanger doors are precast concrete with in-situ concrete beam/column stitch joints. The beams have a mass of around 69 tonnes each.

Roof strutting beams and roof bracing spread the loads between the large concrete frames and precast walls on the perimeters.


New Zealand Defence Force

Ebert Construction