This is a new build supermarket to replace the existing old and tired supermarket. The building has a canzac joint-free slab in the main supermarket floor with steel trussed portals across the building and precast panels around the perimeter. A two-storey retail and office space at the front of the building is braced by a precast wall between this structure and the main supermarket area. Outside there is a significant ground-anchored precast retaining wall and a significant truck loading zone area with a 200 millimetre slab. The project was originally designed by another engineer and the heavy structure was refined with significant savings in the steelwork structure and foundations that we were able to pass onto the client.

We worked with the geotechnical engineers to come up with a cost-effective solution to protect the building against serviceability movement; this involved the removal for the need to pile the site. The design also removed the need for a very high retaining wall on the boundary by reconfiguring and moving the building to create significant savings for the client.


Client / Owner
Progressive Enterprises

Woodhams Meikle Zhan

Ebert Construction

Project Manager
WPH Consulting