Project Description

Silvester Clark have been the seismic restraint design engineers for the Importance Level 4 Acute Services Building at Christchurch Hospital being constructed by CPB Contractors. We have designed and documented seismic restraints for all plant and equipment. This has involved documenting seismic restraints in a 3D Building Information Model (BIM). We have also reviewed seismic qualifications for plant and equipment. This has involved reviewing verification details provided by suppliers to justify that the equipment supplied will still be operational after a serviceability limit state 2 (SLS2) earthquake so that the 10-storey hospital building can treat injured Cantabrians.

We have also carried out monitoring to CM4 level using the software package PlanGrid. This has involved inspecting and keeping photographic inspection records of every seismic restraint (over 21,000 in total). The installation review will be covered by our PS4 Construction Review Producer Statement.