Our initial involvement with this large footprint, two-storey 1940s concrete and timber framed building involved carrying out a Detailed Seismic Assessment. The assessment identified that while earthquake prone (<33% NBS), the building had “good bones” and the seismic capacity could be relatively easily enhanced to move the building from earthquake prone to close to 100% NBS. Working with Wright & Gray Architects and The Street Properties Management Ltd, we developed schemes to achieve this. The strengthening involved Gib and plywood lined walls in office areas, steel frames in larger open areas, strengthening of the diaphragm, and miscellaneous other detailing enhancements. The strengthening works were carried out as part of a refurbishment project. This elegant seismic strengthening solution that was incorporated as part of an architectural fit out won the 2015 New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering award for Best Adaptive Reuse and was also the Overall Winner at the Earthquake Strengthening Awards.


Wright & Gray Architects Ltd

The Street Properties Management Ltd