Dairy, meat & process

“This is good news! Thanks for your help in having our property assessed as being more that 33% NBS. My fellow unit owners and myself appreciate your efforts”. – C. Anderson

Dairy, meat & process specialities

Dairy, meat & process
Silvester Clark has been responsible for the design of the majority of the processing buildings built in the New Zealand dairy industry in the last twenty years. From dryer towers to UHT plants, for Fonterra, Open Country Dairies, Miraka, Silvester Clark has been part of the team that has constructed world leading facilities.
In the meat Industry we have designed slaughter, processing and cold storage facilities for Ovation, Alliance Group, CMP and other leaders in the New Zealand Meat industry.

Grupa Ilapeca Dairy Factory

This project is one of the company’s most unusual, but also one of the most interesting and challenging. It involved dismantling two disused New Zealand milk drying facilities located hundreds of kilometers apart, re-fabricating the components into two new buildings and shipping them to Venezuela for re-erection. In the event, only one building was reconstructed in South America, the other was sent to Bega in NSW, Australia, where it was erected.


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