Ignatius Black

Ignatius Black

Ignatius is a Principal at Silvester Clark.  Ignatius has over 17 years structural design and engineering experience working in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Tonga.

Recently Ignatius has been focusing on Aged Care, Educational and Seismic Strengthening projects. Ignatius is currently managing a seismic upgrade project for the New Zealand Fire Service that involves the strengthening of North Island Fire Stations including the Wellington Central Fire Station. 

Ignatius enjoys the challenge of designing structures that are seismically resilient to achieve the highest possible safety for building occupants while also providing a building that is economical to repair, with the minimal downtime, after a major earthquake.

Ignatius looks to use the most sustainable building materials in his design to help achieve the highest possible Green Star rating.

Ignatius enjoys working as part of a wider team with a common goal of achieving the most suitable  and economical design solution.