“They look for practical and cost effective ways to solve complex engineering problems”- T. Holmes

Earthquake specialities


Following the devastating earthquakes both in Christchurch and overseas in recent times, earthquake preparedness is in the forefront of a lot of people’s minds.

We have a large portfolio of building both in Wellington and around the country now that we have assessed and/or strengthened.

We work for clients that have national building portfolios and who have a policy in place for the assessment and strengthening in a set time frame. Through our expert contacts we can provide investigation and costing services to make sure the complete picture is presented to our clients.

Silvester Clark is also working hard with plant and other non-structural element providers to provide restraint in seismic events.

Pahiatua Fire Station

This project involved seismically strengthening the 1961 Pahiatua Fire Station to greater than two thirds the required strength of an Importance Level 4 building.  The existing station had a concrete framed two-bay appliance bay and a timber frame with brick veneer office and training wing. 

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