NZ Fire Station Seismic Upgrade

NZ Fire Station Seismic Upgrade

Silvester Clark has been working with the New Zealand Fire Service to seismically upgrade their North Island stations. The Station buildings vary in size, age and in materials used for their construction. 

Silvester Clark was engaged as lead consultants to assess and design the required seismic strengthening works and engage an architect to look after any compliance issues during the upgrades. 

These structures have a post disaster function and are designed for higher return period seismic loadings. For each station several preliminary strengthening schemes were prepared and evaluated in terms of costs and the affect construction would have on their operations. 

Construction at four stations has now been completed and construction works are currently occurring at a further four stations.  Only two stations were found to be

uneconomical to seismically upgrade and schemes for new stations are currently being reviewed by the NZFS.


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